Care Instructions

Please treat your jewellery with care. If stored incorrectly they may get damaged. All brass and copper pieces are untreated.  I have found by coating the brass or copper with a protectant it only delays the tarnishing and makes it harder to restore pieces to their shine.

Helpful Tips:

• Please remove your jewellery before entering the water - showering or swimming

• Remove jewellery before exercising and sleeping.

• Store jewellery in a dry moist free box or hang on a jewellery stand.


It is in the nature of brass, copper and silver to tarnish over time.  I encourage the wearer to embrace the changing tones of the metal.

With light to moderate oxidation I recommend using a jewelers polishing cloth to restore your piece to its original shine.  With heavier oxidation you can bath your piece in lemon juice or a warm salty vinegar solution, rinsing with water and drying.